“Simplifying the Process”

Simplifying the Process is our motto. We understand that our customers have a high volume of cases, files, or claims to handle. In the midst of all the responsibilities associated with these cases comes the need for proper communication. Here is where we step in because we understand that Interpretations and Translations are two of the most important and effective ways to insure proper communication and to control case expenses.

Utilizing our translation services allows the Professionals handling one hundred or even more cases to focus on high priority issues, knowing our agency is servicing and meeting their translation, interpretation and transcription needs.

Professional and Accurate Services

                       Interpretations And Translations
 Examinations Under Oath
√ Recorded Statements
 Sworn Statements
 Legal Hearings
Trials & Pre-trial
Phone Conferences
                                      And Others…
 Medical Evaluations
 Psychological Evaluations
 Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
 Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
 Expert Medical Advisers (CMA)
 Work Hardening & Work Conditioning
 Physical And Occupational Therapy
 MRI’s, X-Rays & CT Scans
 Nerve Conduction Tests
                                          And Others…
 American Sign Language
√ Bosnian
 Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese)
 Haitian Creole
 French (Europe/Canada)

 Hebrew & Yiddish
                                          And Others…

The languages listed here are the most common languages requested by our clients, but a list of many other languages you might come across can be seen by clicking below. We pride ourselves on having a great majority of the above languages readily available, however, with reasonable notice, we are able to obtain any exotic language or dialect requested. Languages